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Gujarat’s GIS as ‘base model’ for NREGA

India: Impressed with the work done by Gujarat in use of GIS, a central expert group in India has recommended the state’s programme as a “base model” to develop a “national framework” for utilisation of the technology in monitoring and implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

The expert group, headed by Rural Development Ministry Secretary B K Sinha, noted in a recent meeting that Gujarat has done “relatively fair amount of work” on the use of GIS.

The 16-member expert group, which also includes a representative from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), recommended that a list of all GIS databases, which could be useful for the plan, be prepared apart from a list of institutions which have expertise in this subject.

The Ministry of Rural Development constituted the expert group in July in an effort to make the implementation of NREGA and its monitoring more effective.

“The initiative of the ministry aims at strengthening decentralised participatory planning process, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA by using GIS and Geo-ICT tools,” a Ministry official said.

The group will develop an appropriate methodology for collection, collation, storage and processing of data on natural resources in a given region. “A working model would be finalised by the expert group for its nationwide roll out,” the official said.

Source: Business-Standard