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Hyderabad, India: Omnipolis, the most sophisticated and ultra-modern state-of-the-art technology system was launched in the state for the first time in the country to strengthen the security system to serve the people in a better way at the city police commissioner office, Hyderabad by using the latest technology and upgradation of the skills in the police department.

Addressing a gathering after launching the most sophisticated and ultra-modern state-of-the-art technology system ‘Omnipolis’ at the city police commissioner office, Andhra Pradesh Home Minister K Jana Reddy said the state government was striving hard to maintain law and order though a few unfortunate incidents had happened in the state during the last four and a half years. He said, the state government had strengthened the security apparatus by using the latest technology and upgradation of the skills in the police department.

The system consist of the following components

Alarm Unit (Hardware Gadget): – This unit shall be installed at various places like Jewelry shops, Shopping malls, Cinema halls, Residential complexes etc. In case of any emergency like Fire, Medical, Intrusion, Burglary, Suspicious objects/persons simply we need to press a button. The alarm unit gets activated and sends a signal to Police Control Room server with encrypted message which include Unit Id, Type of alarm, GPS Coordinates etc using Wireless Internet communication.

GIS Software: – gmantis has developed a product called gTrak which is integrated and customized. The software listens for incoming messages and identifies its location and buzzes the police officers about the incident. gTrak also consist of Advanced Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS). Entire city map has been prepared with all streets and landmarks and integrated.

An automatic SMS shall be sent to Owner of the Alarm unit, Police inspector and to nearest Patrol vehicle about the incident, along with address and landmarks. Police Control Room can monitor and guide the patrol vehicle by giving directions to reach the incident by using shortest route. Routing, Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding modules were developed and installed.

Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU): – A hardware gadget with GPS and GSM modules were deployed in 63 patrolling Rakshak vehicles. These gadgets shall transmit coordinates to server for every 30 seconds interval. A listener program developed shall download the information to Reports like Alarm, Stop, Speed etc reports were developed and installed.

The Subscriber has an electronic device which is installed by Deecee Security Systems with an emergency button. A subscriber’s call for help is transferred to the personnel concerned within two minutes. All that a subscriber has to do is press a button to alert the police to any crime. The system sends the message to the central server in the Police Commissioner office at Basheerbagh. The system is integrated with a burglar alarm and a break-in is notified even when the residents are not at home.

The server passes on the message to the main computer of the administrator and five other computers loaded with GIS, each earmarked for central, east, south, west and north police zones. The message pops up on the monitor clearly indicating exact location from where the alert is generated.

The system currently equipped with four emergencies: burglary, intrusion, fire and medical emergency. The progress of the response to an emergency call can be tracked on a digital map in the control room. It creates a digital hotline between the police and the subscriber through wireless.

These computers are synchronized with Global Positioning System equipments mounted on each of the 60 patrol (Rakshak) vehicles; the system sends alerts to mobile phones allocated to these patrol vehicles which are in the vicinity. “All this happens within 30 seconds and helps us improve our response time,” Police Commissioner B. Prasada Rao said.

The system, located at the Police Control Room, uses GSM, GPRS, GPS and advanced vehicle tracking system. The system enables video recording of the crime, 30-day video data availability, multiple alarm system and remote internet viewing.

Technology used

The Security Alert System uses integrated technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS), General Package Radio System (GPRS), Advanced Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) technologies and installing Rakshak vehicles with GIS tracking units.