Gtr London Authority gets GIS for better citizen access to local information

Gtr London Authority gets GIS for better citizen access to local information


ESRI has won a contract with Greater London Authority (GLA) to provide a corporate GIS solution that will help provide London’s citizens with better access to local information and improve data information sharing between its primary stakeholders.

Part of a two-year programme to make better use of geographic information, GLA will initially implement the ESRI ArcGIS solution alongside existing systems, with a longer term plan to fully migrate the web based applications onto the ESRI ArcGIS platform.

The new solution will improve access to geographic information on GLA’s public facing websites including supporting the re-launch of the ‘’ website in July 2008, providing advanced map-based information so that citizens can quickly and easily retrieve local information on their nearest parks, places of worship, cashpoints, leisure and entertainment amenities, for example.

The ESRI ArcGIS solution will also help the GLA to increase efficiencies in internal operations and reduce duplication of data by centralising its geographic ‘intelligence’. The GLA also will be able to support and facilitate data sharing between different organisations, such as local authorities and its stakeholders, including Transport for London, London Fire Service, London Development Agency (LDA) and Metropolitan Police Service. By providing a gateway to stakeholders’ datasets, the solution will ensure that geographic information is easily retrievable and incorporated into local planning rather than relying on email or telephone requests.

The ESRI ArcGIS solution is planned for go-live early 2008 and the infrastructure will support a variety of future projects using interactive maps.