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GTG introduces Geo Blade Route

Goldsboro, N.C., USA– Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG), a provider of geospatial solutions, announces the release of Geo Blade Route. Geo Blade Route is the latest breakthrough in routing software solutions, providing a state‐of‐the‐art solution perfect for any local government organisation. It is ESRI compliant and operates with ArcGIS Server.

Geo Blade Route is an intuitive routing solution that can be used by any local government professional, such as public safety or utilities personnel, needing to travel from one location to another. The application has many customizable options and features. Users can choose point‐to‐point routing or multi‐point routing, as well as single‐route or multi‐route calculations. The application can return the fastest route, shortest route, or an alternate route. If a user takes the same route frequently, Geo Blade Route can also save a designated route for future use.

Geo Blade Route has the ability to route against street maps, calculating speed limits, one‐way streets, and other necessary considerations. If an organization maintains its own GIS data, the application can also use that information to generate the most optimal route.