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GST introduces Lynx Mobile Mapper in UAE

Al Ain, UAE: Global Scan Technologies (GST), the authorised supplier/reseller for Optech (Canada) products in the United Arab Emirates, partnered with Al Ain Municipality in the UAE for a project which involves updating the basemap of the entire emirates of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. As part of the project, GST has sold the innovative Lynx Mobile Mapper to the municipality. The mobile mapper can be easily fixed on top of a car and used to collect various features on the road as the vehicle drives through at high speed. The data collected with the help of this device will be used to update the basemap. This is the first time ever that the system is being implemented anywhere in the UAE.

Further, the cloud points generated through this exercise, along with existing data from the municipality, will be used to create a 3D city model for the entire emirate of Al Ain in the near future.

Lynx Mobile Mapper generates rich survey-grade LiDAR and image data from moving vehicles. At the forefront of this technology, Lynx integrates the latest innovation in LiDAR sensors with multiple perspective LiDAR imaging and best-in-class imaging, navigation and product warranty. With the vehicle driving at a speed of 60 to 80 kmph, the device can cover road corridor of 200 metres.

Optech Incorporated is the global market leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based surveying, mapping and imaging instruments. Optech is comprised of five major divisions which include laser imaging, space and atmospheric, marine survey, industrial products and terrestrial survey. Each division represents a specialty, but all five share a common mission of designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art precision measurement instruments that utilise LiDAR.

Source: Our Correspondent