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GSI helps Thailand in geo-mapping

India: Thailand has a lot to learn in geo-mapping and surveying from Indian agency, Geological Survey of India, was the talking point for Tatiya Chuentragun, Product Development Director at GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency), in Thailand. Speaking at the inaugural of the first-ever, four-week training programme for seven Thai officers at the GSI, he said, “We are looking at exchange of expertise and we are in the process of exploring. We need to learn a lot from your experience.”

Thailand, he pointed out, also wished to survey and digitally map the ancient Buddhist circuit starting from Bodh Gaya and Lumbini up to Thailand, indicative of the cultural connections that the two countries had. Inaugurating the programme, Surveyor-General of India R.M. Tripathi said that India’s Department of Science & Technology was monitoring the programme very closely and added that he was sure the training module and course content would help Thailand in its endeavour.

Notably, the programme initiated between the two countries following a Memorandum of Understanding between the Royal Kingdom of Thailand and India, during the visit of the Prime Minister of India to Thailand. An important fact in this is, GSI is a 247-years old agency that was established in 1851.

Source: The Hindu