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GSDI Small Grants Awards 2011-2012 announced!

US: The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association announced winners of the GSDI Small Grants Awards for 2011-2012. Under the GSDI Small Grants Program, the GSDI Association, along with partners and participants, allocated resources from the US Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and the GISCorps of the Urban and Regional Infrastructure Systems Association (URISA), to fund a small grants programme to support national or sub-national activities that foster partnerships, develop in-country technical capacity, improve data compatibility and access, and increase political support for spatial data infrastructure and earth observations application development.

Recipients of cash awards include:
– Albania for increasing the understanding of SDI within the Albanian Geo-society by promoting and distributing SDI cookbook 2009 in the Albanian language.
– Colombia for Linked Data and Spatial Data infrastructures.
– Ecuador for training in the field of metadata for the implementation at National Level of Ecuadorian Metadata Profile (EMP).
– El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for Gulf of Fonseca surveying and nautical charting stand up and planning meeting.
– Ethiopia for establishment of Geoportal (metadata and clearinghouse node) with open source solutions for environment resources management and conservation. 
– Macedonia for non-governmental organizations for spatial data infrastructure.
– Rwanda for Use of GIS and SDI in promoting Coffee Quality in Maraba Sector South Province of Rwanda.
– South Africa for developing a framework for South African SDI education and training.
– Tajikistan for introducing cadastral maps into National SDI of Tajikistan.

Cash award and offer of professional services from GISCorps have gone to:
– China for multilingual (four languages) place name data base for regional SDI.
– Southern Africa for knowledge management system and GIS project.
– Uzbekistan for stakeholder analysis of institutions in Uzbekistan.
– Zimbabwe for strengthening the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) effort in Zimbabwe.
– Zimbabwe for standards-based web mapping and data access services online platform/portal.

Russia bagged the award for the offer of professional services from GISCorps.

Source: GSDI