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GSDI announces death of former President, Prof. Bas Kok

Germany: GSDI announced the recent death of former GSDI President, Prof. Bas Kok. Bas, who died battling cancer, was known to many members of GSDI for his long support for developing Spatial Data Infrastructures both in Europe and globally. He helped to find the initial GSDI Conference series, attending the very first conference in Bonn, Germany, in 1996, and remained directly involved in the global SDI initiatives up to his death this month.

Prof. Kok was GSDI Association President from February 2008 until June 2009 and remained a member of the Board of Directors and the GSDI Executive Committee for several years thereafter. In 2000, Prof. Kok co-founded the GSDI working group on legal and economic aspects of SDI, which later became the GSDI Legal & Socioeconomic Committee after the Association was legally formed in 2004. During his presidency at GSDI, Bas helped organise the joint GSDI 11 / INSPIRE / Space for Geo information Conference that attracted over 1500 participants in the Netherlands, in a then new approach to delivering GSDI World Conferences in parallel with other regional and national SDI events. The consortium of co-sponsors included GSDI, the European Commission, EUROGI, the BSIK programme Space for Geo-information and Geonovum, TU Delft, and the Dutch Kadaster.

Source: GSDI