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GSA launches the Geomatics on the Move contest

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The European GNSS Agency (GSA), in collaboration with the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE), has launched the Geomatics on the Move competition.

Geomatics on the Move is a challenge especially designed for innovators across the European Union to bring their Geomatics solutions to life using European satellite technologies, shaping the future of data knowledge and analysis.

The aim of the competition is to make innovative geomatics applications and solutions, using Galileo and EGNOS. Solutions must demonstrate their novel approach to the utilization of satellite data for the geomatics field, while ensuring that their technical feasibility is accurate and can have maximal practical impact on the industry.

The contest invites applications from all over the European Union. The aim is to integrate the utilization of additional technologies- using Galileo or EGNOS- like AI, machine learning, augmented reality and computer game, also supplementary remote sensing data sources like drones and Copernicus data. Solutions animated through mobile applications or other easy-to-use platforms also are welcome.

 More information on the contest can be found here.