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GSA invites applicants for innovative IoT applications empowered by GNSS

France: European GNSS Agency (GSA) invites applicants for the most innovative IoT applications empowered by GNSS. The GSA’s IoT solutions empowered by GNSS award is part of the Geo IoT World Awards, which are open to all participants and celebrate innovation and innovators in geo-aware technologies.

The objective of the award is to promote the development of applications that both create demand for Galileo and provide direct economic and social benefits to European society. The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. It’s connecting your personal cell phone, tablet computer and PC, and it’s making roads, signage and appliances smarter.

In every sector of the economy, IoT is enabling objects to exchange data with manufacturers, operators and other devices – creating a vast integrated network of connected things and services where innovation can thrive.

The GSA is looking for innovative ideas for IoT applications aligned with the evolving needs of the end-users. More information on the evaluation criteria can be found here. Whether you operate in the automotive sector, or in consumer electronics, smart cities, public transport, manufacturing, supply chain logistics, retail, leisure or healthcare, submit your innovative idea today.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including Galileo, plays a key role in the Internet of Things, providing the positioning, velocity and timing information required by an increasing number of context-aware applications.

To raise awareness of the integral role that GNSS plays in IoT and celebrating the launch of Galileo Initial Services available since last December, GSA is sponsoring for the second year the IoT Solutions empowered by GNSS award – part of the 2017 GEO IoT Awards.