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Groupe ALTA releases Version 7.2 of its photogrammetry suite

Quebec, Canada: Groupe Alta has launched Version 7.2 of its Alta Photogrammetry Suite (APS), which reportedly provides a flexible working environment. New features and functions of this version include:

• Memory optimization for large vector files
• New functions incorporated within our JavaScript programming engine
• Users can change the current model from the index
• Option for providing better control of units (feet/meters) of .DGN files
• Automatic re-centering tool within orthomosaic module.
Some of the enhancements in the new version include:

• APS runs more smoothly on Windows XP 64 bit computers
• Enhancement of the seamline generator tool
• Less memory is required from the computer system for the effective use of APS applications
• Quicker display of contour lines for Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) while using less memory
• Enhancement of the import/export function for .DGN files
• Quicker to open vector files
• Seamline enhancement in “Raw Mode.”

Groupe Alta intends to make Version 7.3 available in October 2009. Users with current maintenance agreements will automatically receive this update.