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Group 1 develops .NET-based version of Canadian geocoding solution

Maryland, USA, 13 July 2006: Group 1 Software, Inc announced on July 13 that it has developed a new version of its GeoStan International-Canada geocoding solution based on Microsoft Corp.’s .NET framework.

A member of Group 1’s G-Force Alliance Program, Microsoft uses Group 1’s GeoStan high-definition data solution to improve the accuracy of address locations for its online mapping systems, including Windows Live Local and Virtual Earth platform. The conversion of Java-based GeoStan International-Canada to Microsoft’s .NET technology will reduce development time, improve security and scalability, and provide a rich platform for future capabilities.

In addition to the new .NET-based GeoStan International-Canada, Group 1 has also worked with Microsoft to release .NET interfaces for its U.S. GeoStan Web and Client Server solutions, and plans to introduce a .NET application programming interface (API) for its U.S. GeoStan solution in the near future.

A component of Group 1’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution, GeoStan is a high-definition data solution that corrects, standardizes and provides the location coordinates (longitude and latitude) of a particular address. GeoStan currently supports U.S., Canadian, UK and Ireland addresses.