Groundwater flood risk map of England released

Groundwater flood risk map of England released


UK: The UK’s leading independent scientific environmental consultancy specialising in water, land and sustainable development, ESI, has addressed groundwater flooding issues in England and Wales by launching an authoritative Groundwater Flood Risk Map.

ESI’s team of modellers has overcome constraints on previous work by developing novel algorithms and using calibrated risk predictions to achieve an authoritative national map of groundwater flood risk.

“Until now, and compared to other causes of flooding, groundwater flooding mechanisms and the prevalence of flooding caused by groundwater have been poorly defined,” explained Mark Fermor, experienced hydrogeologist and Managing Director at ESI.

“Groundwater flooding represents one of the natural hazards faced in the UK and mapping of groundwater flood risk areas provides an important support to land use planning and in the assessment of climate change impacts. However, previous approaches have suggested problems are far more widespread than they really are, and ESI’s work has helped to show that the issues are actually quite localised.”

Mark added, “The new Groundwater Flood Risk Model emphasises that the areas at risk from groundwater flooding are considerably less than previously flagged by others – a finding that will potentially have a major impact on those with responsibility for land management and development, as well as those currently living and working in seemingly ‘at risk’ areas. However, groundwater flooding does represent a significant hazard in England and Wales, and groundwater conditions can also exacerbate surface flooding, so we wanted to publish this map to help users focus on where appropriate precautions should be taken. As with many environmental hazards, most sites may not suffer problems, but if you do not have a reliable map then the issues keep coming back up the list of priorities until you do”.

Source: S Online