Home News GroundSure introduces mapping tool to cater to architects

GroundSure introduces mapping tool to cater to architects

UK: A new mapping tool called .MAP has been introduced by GroundSure to offer architects detailed digital Ordnance Survey maps and a range of planning reports and intelligence. Designed with architects in mind, .MAP by GroundSure works in any browser and comes with planning precedent information and site intelligence to help identify potential environmental risks. The easy-to-use digital mapping service also provides OS maps needed for planning applications in AutoCAD format as well as a plugin allowing direct browsing and ordering of maps while in AutoCAD.

“I used to order site centered plans from another provider. Though the service was fine, there was no control over the exact boundaries of the information provided. They would usually provide a PDF for checking it was correct before ordering but there was no other input from me. Being able to choose the exact area is both useful and proves much cheaper than the old method,” said Steve Jenkins, SJ Architects.

Source: Architects Journal