GRIDA Korea and DES Singapore form Ridge-Soft

GRIDA Korea and DES Singapore form Ridge-Soft


Singapore: GRIDA Korea, developer of Grida Image Server, and DES Singapore, geospatial data and consulting service provider, have announced the formation of a new joint venture company, Ridge-Soft.

Ridge-Soft will develop next generation of Image Server and market it globally. “Our first release is Geo Data Server (GDS) which can easily integrate aerial photographs and satellite imagery,” said Ajith Menon, DES’s Chief Executive Officer. “GDS introduces Multi Image Provider (MIP) which is secure, highly compressed, optimised image format for faster viewing and transferring of large image data over the network.”

“GDS will maximise the imagery utilisation and is a must to have as an integration tool in a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI),” said Shin, Sanghee, CEO of Grida Inc. ArcGIS, Autodesk Map and WMS enabled GIS tools can easily integrate with GDS and can draw the benefit of the fast image server, the company adds.

Hoo Kai Hwa, DES Founder and Chairman, Ridge-Soft, said a number of factors led to the formation of Ridge-Soft. “We have worked with GRIDA and their excellent team of software developers for years on their flagship Imagery management product. Now we’re looking forward to working with them to create new products to meet the demand for the fast, simple and affordable Image Server.”

Source: DES Mapping