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Greg Bentley gets lifetime achievement award

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Geospatial World, published by India-based Geospatial Media and Communications Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as GIS Development Pvt. Ltd.), honoured Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems, with Lifetime Achievement Award during the Latin American Geospatial Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The award recognises individuals for their outstanding contributions to geospatial communities worldwide. In conferring the award to Greg Bentley, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, Geospatial Media and Communications, said, “We at Geospatial Media believe that Bentley Systems is the leading provider of geospatial technology in support of infrastructure projects. Under the stewardship of Greg Bentley, the company has initiated many innovations that have been instrumental in expanding the horizons of the geospatial industry. These innovations also have facilitated the integration of geospatial information with the many disciplines responsible for the design, construction and operations of sustainable infrastructure, serving humankind worldwide. This award is given in recognition of Bentley’s vision, leadership, personal commitment and outstanding contributions to geospatial communities around the world.”

On receiving the award, Bentley said, “Since we have long recognised that all infrastructure is intrinsically geospatial – and everything geospatial is intrinsically 3D – we have been able to help practitioners integrate what had been separate domains of engineering and GIS. Now, with the level of interoperability we have helped make available, engineers can leverage geospatial capabilities to deliver and operate intelligent infrastructure – from energy to water and transportation systems – providing better performance for improved quality of life.”

Bentley added, “It is opportune that Geospatial World selected its new forum in Rio de Janeiro for this presentation. The compelling combination of the rapid economic development and the challenges of burgeoning megacities in Brazil stimulates us all to work smarter, together.”

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