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Greenpeace launches important maps in Brazil

22 March 2006: Greenpeace launched maps of some of the Earth’s most precious ecological treasures on 21st March at the Convention on Biological Diversity, in Brazil. The maps reveal that less than 10% of the world’s land area remains as intact forests, and identifies areas in the deep oceans in urgent need of protection. These maps are being released at a time when both terrestrial and marine life is being destroyed at an unprecedented rate. The current rate of extinction of plant and animal species is approximately 1,000 times faster than it was in pre-human times and is predicted to be up to 10,000 times faster by the year 2050.
The maps use recent high-resolution, satellite images of the world’s forest areas and the latest data and techniques for mapping ocean life across the high seas, to create pictures of how governments can act to protect the world’s major ecological systems. The oceans maps identify the marine areas that need immediate protection from over-fishing, destructive fishing, mining and pollution. The forest map reveals the toll that human activity, such as destructive and illegal logging and land clearance for agriculture, is having on the world’s last ancient forests.