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Greenland ice sheet website launched

Greenland: The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has launched a new website called Greenland Ice Sheet Today which provides daily satellite data about the condition of the Greenland ice sheet. The website is backed by NASA and also provides analysis, when possible, and will serve not only scientists but interested members of the general public.

“We used to have at least a year to think about the data,” said NSIDC researcher Ted Scambos by phone. Now people want to see the data a.s.a.p. and get some scientific analysis to boot.
The website grew out of work already being done by researchers Marco Tedesco and Thomas Mote, said Scambos. It was the folks at NASA who pressed to get it done so soon after the dramatic ice melt event of last year.

Now that the website is live, Scambos expects they will be adding to it over time so that it contains more deep background material, which researchers use in combination with the latest data to do their work. The first article on the new website is an analysis of the record 2012 melt.

Source: Discovery News