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Green Map adds a new dimension to community mapping

A UVic (University of Victoria) partnership came to fruition in November with the launch of the Community Green Map of Victoria and Region. Linked to the International Green Map system, it was the 179 th published map worldwide.

The Green Map is a joint venture between the GroundWorks Learning centre and UVic’s faculty of social sciences. “The map is a distillation of what a community has found to be ecologically or socially significant,” says UVic cartographer Ken Josephson.

Like a three-dimensional view of the Victoria region, the colourful map not only maps the land but also uses a system of international icons to represent places such as recycling depots, community gardens and used clothing stores.

Dr. Peter Keller, dean of social sciences and a strong supporter of community mapping, saw the benefits of a partnership between GroundWorks and UVic. Keller and Maeve Lydon, director of GroundWorks, set the project in motion. Along with Josephson, interns from UVic’s geography and environmental studies department were also involved.

The next stage will see the geography department expand the partnership by working on a community mapping kit for North and South America.

Josephson sees potential for further UVic involvement in such areas as community-based research and support, as well as First Nations initiatives, and projects with youth.