Great Wall of China to be modelled in 3D

Great Wall of China to be modelled in 3D


Great Wall of China in3DChina, September 22, 2014: China has officially launched its project of modelling the Great Wall of China in 3D recently.

The project is supervised by China’s Ministry of Culture and State Administration of Cultural Heritage and funded by UNESCO and China Great Wall Society.

The objective of this project is to protect, document and promote the Great Wall of China to the world. It is estimated to take three years to model the entire 6,000km length of the Great Wall of China and its surroundings in 3D in high resolution.

Acute 3D’s Smart3DCapture solution has been selected for automatic 3D reconstruction, which will then be combined with laser scanning and ground imagery.

China’s Redbird Helicopter Surveying Technology using Smart3DCapture solution has already generated some portions of the Great Wall of China in 3D from images taken by helicopter.

Renaud Keriven, President and CTO, Acute3D said, “At Acute3D, we are working very hard to deliver best-in-class solutions which support this amazing enterprise and more generally the reconstruction of many cultural heritage objects and masterpieces around the World.”

Source: Acute3D