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Graticule Add Thematic Mapping to Postcode Analyst

Graticule, the Leeds-based company specialising in software components libraries and applications for desktop, Internet and hand-held mapping, has announced that their new Postcode Analyst software for mapping locations by postcode now includes intelligent colour thematic mapping.

The latest version of Postcode Analyst uses digital map data of Great Britain postcode regions, such as postcode areas, districts and sectors or administrative regions. Users import and plot the location of their customers, products or services from the postcode. By including an additional import field, a value can be weighted against each customer, product or service. Weightings could include the number of customers at each outlet or number of products sold. Postcode Analyst creates different types of thematic maps from the number of address locations in each postcode or administrative region and their associated weighting. High quality maps show the density of address locations by postcode regions or administrative regions, highlighting where you have concentrations and gaps in your geographical distribution. This lets you target your business activities on hot-spots’, sparse areas or gaps depending on requirements.

Postcode Analyst offers a relatively simple and effective way of analysing the geographical location of address lists, one of the important assets of any business. You may disaggregate data in customer address lists by date, product or service, value or other variables. Postcode Analyst can then display the location of customers for different products or services over periods of a few months to several years. When data in your address lists is combined with other information, Postcode Analyst lets you view geographical distributions, catchment areas and other important location-based information.

Postcode Analyst lets you choose the types of map that best meet your requirements and budget. It displays vector and raster colour and black and white digital map data at a variety of scales and levels of accuracy.

A typical user of Postcode Analyst has an address list and would like to find out more about the geographical distribution of the addressees in the list. A user will analyse address lists by postcode and reveal the geographical dimensions in your data. Postcode Analyst offers powerful analytical features, yet is easy to use with the point and click paradigm. Its simplicity of design and implementation belies its flexibility, power and benefits for exploiting information on your desktop.