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GRASF-MEGF 2015 kicks off with pre-conference training program

Dubai, UAE, February 15, 2015: The pre-conference day of Dubai Municipality’s GRASF (GIS & Remote Sensing Annual Scientific Forum) and Middle East Geospatial Forum 2015 (organised by Geospatial Media and Communications) was held on Sunday at Hotel Al Bustan Rotana. The training program titled ‘All About Geospatial’ was aimed at training students and other non-GIS people about these technologies and their applicability in our everyday lives. The training program was conducted by some of the most renowned names in the Middle East geospatial fraternity, comprising expert from both the academia and industry.

The training module started with a presentation on Environment Remote Sensing by Dr. Prashanth Marpu from Mazdar Institute. He spoke on real time monitoring of environment activities using satellite images. He explained this using a case study on water quality assessment and monitoring. He also briefed on the topic of basics of remote sensing. The second presentation of the first session was given by Dr. Mohamed Mostafa, President, Navmatica Middle East, UAE, who spoke on Air & Land Mapping.

The second session started with a presentation by Prof. Martin Breunig, from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. He spoke on the basics of GIS, GIS Data, DTM and system architecture of GIS. The next presentation of second session was given Martin Holt from Airbus Defense & Space. He spoke on GIS data resources, land cover & land use classification, change detection and it uses etc. This was followed by a presentation from Dr. Hussein Harahsheh of Global Scan Technologies, Dubai. He spoke on various topics of interest, ranging from geospatial for environment, importance of geological information in planning process, scope of information and the importance of geospatial information in today’s world. He explained all this with supporting case studies from various fields like site selection for resorts development, land degradation & desertification around the global region etc. He also briefed on water erosion, oil spill detection & monitoring.

The third session started with a presentation by Mustafa Al Musawa from Abu Dhabi Municipality on 3D city modeling use in planning & management using GIS modeling & application. He spoke on City GML (Geography Markup Language), its level of details and explained its practical application supported by case studies of Al Fujairah 3D ADM Base Map, Abu Dhabi Municipality building data management system, addressing system and storm water modeling. It was followed by a presentation from Prof. Mulhim Al Doori of American University in Dubai on Big Data. He covered topics like explosion in quantity of data, big data characteristics, cost problems, importance of big data, spatial big data, spatial data mining, modeling spatial database & spatial data types & relations.

The training program was attended by over 150 participants ranging from university students to industry personnel, government employees and representatives of many other renowned geospatial organisations.

Source: Our Correspondent