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Graph Synergie aids to Quebec City, Canada

Canada: Graph Synergie collaborated with Quebec City and the firm Daniel Arbour and Associates. Now, one can browse the entire new tram corridor and view the various urban construction sites and development areas easily. “I invite you to climb aboard!” said Mayor Regis Labeaume when the first images of Tramway, performed by Graph Synergie, were presented at a dinner-conference of the Association québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR).

Through this partnership with Quebec City, Graph Synergie continues its support with major players in transport, urban planning and economic development. “I want to thank Graph Synergie, a beautiful and young company from Quebec City” told the Mayor Labeaume to the audience, proud of the impact generated by the presentation made by Graph Synergie and pleased with the dynamism shown by Graph team during the whole mandate.

Source: Graph Synergie