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Grafton Technologies uses quickbird imagery for Airport Management

DigitalGlobe has announced that its QuickBird satellite imagery is being used by Grafton Technologies Inc. to aid in airport development, management and maintenance. The photos offer the highest resolution in commercially available space imagery.

Grafton Technologies began using orthorectified QuickBird satellite imagery in July 2002 to map airport features at the Portland International Jetport in Portland, Maine. Combined with a geographic information system (GIS), the 60-centimeter resolution satellite images provide airport planners and developers with spatial data that can support airport expansion and improvement projects as well as environmental analysis.

“Airports throughout the world are undergoing substantial changes to accommodate higher capacity and stronger security without sacrificing safety,” said Randy Murphy, president of Grafton Technologies. “QuickBird imagery can help airport managers, engineers and planners stay up to date on the information necessary to develop, operate and maintain rapidly changing facilities.”

For the Portland International Jetport project, Grafton Technologies will use DigitalGlobe’s satellite imagery to identify urban growth patterns that can constrain future airport development, evaluate the effect of airport changes on surrounding roadways, and illustrate areas where roadway construction might affect airport operations. Black and white QuickBird satellite images will serve as the primary data underlays, over which Grafton Technologies will insert colored vector data to illustrate engineering and planning details.