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gpsOne Technology supports first nationwide launch of GPS Solutions on Wireless Handsets in S. Korea

QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, has announced the first nationwide launch in South Korea, beginning February 1, 2002, of gpsOne(TM)-enabled wireless handsets and their associated position location service plans by KTF. The (n)Geleye service plan and its associated handset — powered by the QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT) MSM3300(TM) Mobile Station Modem (MSM(TM)) chipset and gpsOne wireless Global Positioning System (GPS) location solution software — represent the first nationwide commercial position location system for wireless navigation available in South Korea through wireless networks.

KTF’s gpsOne-enabled (n)Geleye handset provides subscribers access to personal safety services that include Web-based tracking and Call Center services. The tracking service will provide the subscriber’s location to within 50 meters in open areas, offering security for high-risk individuals such as children and the elderly. Users connect directly to a Call Center through their (n)Geleye handset, and can have several numbers “hot key” programmed into the phone by the subscriber.

The new KTF gpsOne-based service is being supported by NeoLink Technologies, Inc., a Korea-based company specialized in location-based services (LBS) technology development. NeoLink is QUALCOMM/SnapTrack’s local partner for commercial LBS platform development and deployment, and has integrated SnapTrack’s patented technology into the NeoLink Position Location Service System (NPLSS) LBS platform for use by KTF.

QCT’s gpsOne solution, featuring SnapTrack(TM) technology, offers robust data availability under the most challenging conditions, whether in concrete-and-steel high-rises, convention centers, shopping malls or urban canyons. Using a hybrid approach that utilizes signals from both the GPS satellite constellation and from CDMA cell sites, the gpsOne solution enhances location services availability, accelerates the location determination process and provides better accuracy for callers, whether during emergency situations or while using GPS-enabled commercial applications.