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GPS tracking to keep cops in line in Indian city

Ludhiana: Policemen deployed on PCR duty won”t be able to play hooky any longer in the n northern Indian city of Ludhiana. They will be tracked 24×7 by their senior officers, and their movement and the deployment points would be available on the cellphones of the officers for easy monitoring.

In the first stage of the project, information on the static points has already been uploaded on the officers” phones, while the global positioning software for monitoring their position is going to be installed in a few days.

“This high-tech system will be used to make PCR service more effective and efficient. It will also help in bringing down the complaints about cops assigned to PCR vehicles not performing their duties and not being present at their designated positions (static points),” said Ludhiana commissioner of police Ishwar Singh. Pointing out that the main purpose of PCR is to provide immediate help to residents in curbing crime or in case of an accident, the commissioner said their presence in the area also acts as a deterrent for miscreants. Keeping this in view, the PCR fleet has been allotted static or nodal points in areas assigned to them. This system will enable all senior officers to track the movements of the cops on duty through their cellphones.

Source: Times of India