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GPS to manage civic amenities

Hyderabad, India

The city of Hyderabad is combining telecom and IT to manage civic amenities. The Off-Site Real Time Monitoring (OSRT) system is a mobile-based IT initiative which uses a combination of GPS (global positioning system) and GPRS (general packet radio services) technologies through cell phones for managing civic amenities in the city in a transparent and efficient manner.

Until a few months ago, citizens had to call or make visits to the corporation’s offices to get their grievances addressed. The situation is different with OSRT. The GPRS technology allows cell phones to capture real time images of public servants at work or public sites under inspection, with the date and time of the picture as well as the stamp of latitude and longitude along side the image, superimposed on a Google map layer. These images are instantly transmitted to a central server. Most importantly, they are immediately available in the public domain, allowing citizen monitoring. They rule out discretion in reporting, thereby making scientific cross-verification possible. The use of visual images built on an open source interface like Google maps is highly cost-effective.

Source: Indian Express