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GPS to help curb corruption in Indian PDS

Bhopal, India: In India, the Madhya Pradesh state government decided to install GPS instruments on vehicles transporting food grains, sugar and kerosene under the public distribution system (PDS). The decision was taken by the state cabinet as a measure to check pilferage of food grains and other items being supplied through the PDS. The intention is to check the irregularities, explained a spokesman for the government and minister for health Narottam Mishra.
“A truck load of food grains is sent to the PDS shop in a particular village. But later we receive reports of the food grains not having reached there at all. The GPS will keep a close watch on each of the location of these vehicles transporting rations to minimize risks of misplacement and theft,” he said.
“GPS will be installed on the license holders’ own or hired vehicles, which transport food grains, sugar and salt from the supply centres of Food Corporation of India (FCI), Civil Supplies Corporation and kerosene from the of depots of oil companies to public distribution system shops. Better monitoring of vehicles transporting material for public distribution system will be ensured after installation of this system and they cannot be diverted on a different route,” a state government release explained.
Source: Times of India