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GPS to curb traffic violations in Delhi

New Delhi, India: In order to keep traffic violations under control, Delhi’s Transport Department will be using cars that will intercept traffic violators and fine them on the spot. The cars are fitted with GPS (Global Positioning System) and a wireless system as well as an on board computer linked to the main server of the Transport Department, a printer, camera, a mobile, pollution checking equipment and a first-aid kit.

The vehicles will act as an interceptor to catch violators and fine them. The cars will be kept at various strategic points with enforcement officers who would have the power to take action. The entire process is computerised and there is no scope of any corruption. With the commissioning of these vehicles the government has moved ahead in providing transparency,’ said Delhi’s Chief Minister, Shiela Dikshit.

‘With the induction of these vehicles, there has been a quantum jump in the capability of the Transport Department to effectively enforce motor vehicle rules and permit conditions for various categories of vehicles on Delhi roads. These vehicles will provide a major boost to the enforcement wing for checking various offences,’ Dikshit said in a statement.

Source: Calcutta tube