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GPS to curb crime

Cops in the city of Ludhiana, India are set to have global positioning systems (GPS) installed on all the force’s vehicles. The department had fixed eight closed circuit television cameras at two road crossings. A digital map of the city has also been created, which will allow the police control room to keep an eye on the location of its vehicles.

This will help cops receiving emergency calls from a crime spot to analyse which vehicle is closest and alert its personnel to reach for help at the earliest. Sources said this was like the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system that was there in the countries like USA and also in Delhi.

However, the system installed in the city as of now is not that advanced. These cameras can record the footage for 15 days and can work even during the night through infrared vision. These cameras installed in the city would help police ensure round-the-clock surveillance that would solve many issues like regulation of traffic and also catching criminals on the run.

Commissioner of police Ishwar Singh said, “Our department is doing its best to bring in necessary changes to improve policing by taking the help of the latest technology. We have many other plans that would be implemented in a phased manner in the time to come.”
Source: The Times of India