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GPS to be used for identifying unauthorised hoardings

New Delhi, India, 24 February 2007 – High-tech global positioning system and computer chips will be the way forward to reduce visual pollution caused by illegal hoardings across New Delhi. The first city in the country to use this system, it will also assist the handful of municipal inspectors in keeping illegal hoarding at bay.

The new project envisages engaging a private agency to identify unauthorised hoardings, prepare an exhaustive data about them and constantly update officials on their status. As part of this project, all authorised hoarding will now have a computer chip that will carry its unique identification number that can be traced. The new system is scheduled to become operational in next two months.

“We now have five inspectors covering the Capital to try and keep a check on illegal hoardings. Under the new project, we will engage a private agency to keep illegal hoarding at bay. They will photograph the hoardings and send the image using the global positing system to our office computers, allowing anyone to log in and check the status of illegal hoardings in the city. The auditing system will also allow us to check whether the illegal hoardings have been removed after they have been identified and tagged,” said Amiya Chandra, Additional Deputy Commissioner of the Remunerative Projects Cell/ Advertisement Department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.