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GPS Test and evaluation software release

Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada, announced the release of GPSTest version 1.0.0. GPSTest is a powerful tool for testing and evaluating GPS Receivers/Modules based on the NMEA standard. For a vendor it helps to test and evaluate the quality of the GPS productsand for a user, it helps to find out the best GPS product that fits the project requirements.

Main Features of GPSTest:
· Log and track data from NEMA ports for multiple GPS receivers at the same time.
· Monitor and compare navigation information, satellites in view, signal quality etc. real time for multiple GPS receivers.
· Test cold start time and the times to acquire one, two, three and five satellites fixes.
· Positioning accuracy analysis based on different probability confidence intervals.
· Outliers or jump points analysis based on different error distances.
· Graphic presentation of the positional errors and error distributions.
· Export data to Excel for convenient view, further analysis and report.
· Show up roads or streets tracking test results on Microsoft MapPoint.
· Generate test and evaluation report in Microsoft Word.
· Convenient online help and support system.