Home News GPS system tracks delivery of readymix to construction site in Bahrain

GPS system tracks delivery of readymix to construction site in Bahrain

Delivering readymix concrete at this time of year is a battle against the clock as well as the thermometer. As the temperature starts to rise, any delay in the delivery of readymix to site can result in the cement solidifying and spoiling before the contractor gets to start the pour. And with traffic congestion becoming an increasing problem in many construction industry hot spots throughout the Gulf, delivery delays are becoming more common. But one Bahrain-based concrete supplier hopes that receiving angry calls from contractors demanding to know what has happened to their delivery will be a thing of the past, thanks to a new tracking system, which allows them to keep tabs on their trucks. The Eastern Asphalt & Mixed Concrete Company (Eamco) is set to finish installing MobiApps, a fleet management system, on its 45 cement mixers and 15 pump trucks by the end of the month. The system will allow Eamco to monitor its drivers’ activities in near real time, which will then enable management to keep a better watch on staff and also to inform customers about delays as they happen. Eamco opted to install a fleet management system in order to enhance its communications with its drivers. To overcome problems, the company opted to implement a GPS system that will allow it to monitor where its trucks are in near real time on a web-based map.