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GPS synchronized marine light

Carmanah Technologies has released a GPS synchronized marine light – a three nautical mile navigation light that coordinates with GPS time signals to allow any number of units installed anywhere in the world to flash in perfect unison. For many applications, GPS synchronized lighting makes marine navigation easier by offering improved visibility and clearer delineation of waterways and navigational hazards

Carmanah’s new Model 701-GPS and 702-GPS marine lights use GPS satellite signals as a timing tool. Each of the 24 orbiting GPS satellites has several on-board atomic clocks transmitting a time signal that is accurate to within 0.5 nanoseconds of Universal Time (UTC). Built-in GPS receivers in Carmanah’s lights require only one satellite signal to precisely synchronize the beginning of each flash sequence to this time code, thereby perfectly matching the timing of any other GPS synchronized light. Multiple lights outlining features such as port entrances, channels and navigational hazards are easier to follow and to distinguish amidst background lighting when they flash together.