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GPS-steering moves into harvest

Steering guided by GPS is moving into harvest season with a move into combines from the leading manufacturers. There have been three developments in this field. Trimble has announced its AgGPS Autopilot system is now available for combines through its dealers. Autopilot is powered by Trimble’s high performance GPS-based navigation controller, connected to a combine’s power steering mechanism.

Ag Leader Technology joined with Trimble in developing an interface that allows the Ag Leader Insight display to work with the Trimble AgGPS AutoPilot system. Connecting the Insight display to the Autopilot system will expand the range of display capabilities – allowing growers to record all field activities in one display – from planting to harvest. The Insight display and interface to AgGPS Autopilot are expected to be available from Ag Leader dealers this month.

AutoFarm has announced the availability of install kits for mounting AutoFarm GPS steering systems on a range of Case IH and Deere combines. The new kits are compatible with both the AutoFarm AutoSteer RTK GPS Steering System, with sub-inch accuracy, and the AutoFarm StepOne DGPS Steering System with four-inch accuracy. The systems have been qualified on 16 combine platforms including: Case IH 2366 and 2388, Case IH AFX8010, and Deere 50 & 60 series STS and CTS combines.