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GPS receiver for use in disaster relief, bio-terrorism and vehicle navigation applications

SiRF Technology, Inc. announced that its location solutions are at the heart of the new LinksPoint GlobalPoint GPS, a global positioning system receiver for use with Symbol Technologies’ ruggedized handheld computers. GlobalPoint GPS is a second-generation handheld technology with a number of new features and enhancements to its widely acclaimed initial version. That version has been used for high- profile, mission-critical applications such as recovery efforts by the New York Fire Department at “Ground Zero,” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for field bio-terrorism investigations, and by utilities and enterprises worldwide for data collection and field force. GlobalPoint GPS includes the SiRFstar IIe/LP GPS architecture, which delivers the highest degree of performance at the lowest power consumption, thereby maximizing battery life. The technology includes performance features such as location acquisitions in under eight seconds, WAAS, and differential GPS support for high-accuracy and SiRF’s new Adaptive TricklePower. technology for high-availability with low-power consumption. For use with Symbol Technologies SPT1800, PPT2800, and PDT8100 series of ruggedized handheld computers, the new 12-channel GlobalPoint GPS receiver can be snapped on to the devices to provide GPS location data to software running on the device. GlobalPoint GPS receivers allow existing handheld computers to be used for location-oriented applications including field data collection, vehicle, personnel and asset tracking, navigation, field service management, proof of delivery,“location/time stamping,” and numerous other applications. The new version includes a number of new enhancements that improve performance, accuracy, and position availability.