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GPS Product to help Taiwan’s Olympic athletes

Mio Technology Ltd (MTL) has donated 60 Mio 168 navigation systems manufactured by MiTAC, preloaded with electronic maps of the entire country of Greece and a guide to Olympic venues to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee. The Mio168 was designated as the official GPS navigation product by the Chinese Taipei Committee for its 2004 Olympics delegation.

To help ensure that the athletes can concentrate on their performances and win honor for their country, MTL formed a special technical team to incorporate the latest electronic maps of Greece and the city of Athens into a special version of the hot-selling Mio 168 GPS navigation system. Included is an electronic guide to all the competition venues at the 2004 Olympic Games, as well as introductions of renowned historic sites around Greece. Not only will the Mio 168 provide navigational assistance to Chinese Taipei athletes when sightseeing in the host country, but during the Olympics it will enable them to get to competition venues without hassle, freeing them to focus on giving their all in their athletic performances.