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GPS-Photo Link version 1.1 adds advanced features for GIS Professionals

GeoSpatial Experts has announced the release of GPS-Photo Link version 1.1. The new version extends current functionality beyond the basics. The original GPS-Photo Link PC software watermarked digital camera photos with latitude, longitude, and other descriptive information. Web pages were created containing the watermarked photos and on-line maps that show were the photos were taken. The new version includes Datum and Grid coordinate support, ArcView extension for linking to photos, and customisable web pages.

New features in GPS-Photo Link version 1.1:

  • ESRI ArcView extension for hot linking shape file to images: Just click on the feature point, and the geo-referenced photo will be displayed.
  • Datum and Grid coordinate support: Supports NAD 27, NAD 83, WGS 84, plus most international datums. Specify UTM, MGRS/USNG, British Grid, Irish Grid, and Dutch RD Grid coordinates. Datum and Grid coordinates can be displayed in the watermarked photo and written to ESRI shape files and Web pages. ESRI Shape files will be created using the datum and grid selected, so there are no conversions necessary! Users can also add custom datums.
  • User customizable web page templates: Modify the standard Web page output to your liking. Add your own logos and links to your own maps. Change the text to other languages.
  • Added new maps: Location of photos can now be displayed on USGS Aerial Photos and Topographic Maps, in addition to the current MapBlast and Tiger maps. Added new map links to MapQuest street maps and aerial photos to the already existing map links to TerraServer and MapBlast.
  • Enabled editing of pictures: Modify the brightness, contrast, and rotation of each watermarked photo.

The new features make GPS-Photo Link ideal for federal, state and local government users and other GIS professionals.