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GPS-Photo Link software now compatible with Magellan GPS receivers

GPS-Photo Link software, a program that automatically matches digital photos with their GPS coordinates without any wires, is now compatible with Magellan GPS receivers. GPS-Photo Link now downloads directly from Magellan GPS units without having to use 3rd party software. GPS-Photo Link can already be used with Trimble, Garmin, and Leica, but customer demand called for more GPS receivers to be supported. With the additional GPS system compatibility, more customers are able to take advantage of the easy and affordable program that allows digital photos to be watermarked with their GPS coordinates and hot-linked to aerial and background photos at the press of a button. Phil Stevenson, a professional land surveyor registered in Oklahoma and Texas comments, “My work in surveying, mapping, and GIS data capture has often included the use of photography to help people visualize what I saw on the project. With GPS-Photo Link I can tie digital photographs to where there were taken without having to use so many notes to describe the location. Looking at the photo means looking at where it was taken. This is a tool I can use.”

GPS-Photo Link provides several key features that make this product applicable and beneficial to customers using GIS and GPS data. It creates ESRI Shape Files for use in desktop GIS applications, uses USGS Topo and Aerial Images (auto registered for ArcView), allows EXIF GPS support for cameras that connect to GPS (Nikon D1, Kodak DCS, Casio QV4000GX), imports raw NMEA files (including compass heading information), and one can manually enter photo positions. Additionally, GPS-Photo Link supports most digital cameras as well as different Datums and Grid Coordinates (NAD 27, NAD 83, WGS 84, UTM, MGRS, plus most international datums).

GPS-Photo Link creates an HTML output with overview maps and thumbnails including:

Watermarked photo showing Lat/Lon, Direction, Name, Title, Comments, Elevation and many other options.
Clickable overview map showing location of photos – click on a point and each photo will be displayed. Detailed maps for each photo showing where the photo was taken using Tiger Street, Aerial Photo, or Topo Maps.