Home News GPS navigators help Indian fishermen steer clear of cyclone

GPS navigators help Indian fishermen steer clear of cyclone

Fishermen of coastal Karnataka might have incurred loss due to the recent cyclonic storm. Yet, they are happy with the fact that modern technological tools such as GPS navigators helped them in bringing down the loss to a considerable extent.

The Deputy Director of Fisheries, Mangalore, Mr Suresh Kumar Ullal, says that GPS navigator came to the help of fishermen, who had ventured into deep-sea fishing, during the cyclonic storm. They reached their fishing harbours without any delay as they were sure of their destination. Before the advent of GPS navigators, the task was not so easy in deep-sea fishing.

Mr Loknath Bolar of the State Fishermen’s Action Committee told Business Line that nearly 400 mechanised boats in Dakshina Kannada have GPS navigators. Now the instrument has become an essential ingredient for those venturing into deep-sea fishing.

Fishermen also use radiotelephone and fish-finder instruments in deep-sea fishing. Nearly 300 mechanised boats have fish-finder instrument, says Mr Bolar.

According to an estimate, fishing industry in the region suffered a loss of nearly Rs 3.2 crore during the cyclone. Fishermen could not catch fish worth Rs 2.5 crore.

Fishermen of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts get nearly 610 tonnes of fish in deep-sea fishing, every day. Of this, the contribution of Dakshina Kannada district is around 350 tonnes a day.

Apart from the owners of the mechanised boats and their crew and ice plant owners and distributors, fish sellers and those engaged in the transportation of fish also incurred loss due to cyclonic storm.