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GPS navigation system available for Tungsten T2 handheld

Positioning Solutions, the exclusive manufacturer of Mapopolis-branded GPS systems, announced the immediate availability of a GPS Navigation System for Palm Tungsten T2 handhelds. The unit, which is currently available from many e-tailers and retailers, supports the Tungsten T2 along with the other members of the Tungsten series and the Zire 71. Designed specifically for Palm users, the system plugs in to your car’s cigarette lighter to provide power to both the Palm handheld and serial GPS unit. The included Mapopolis Platinum +GPS software can be used to generate turn-by-turn, address-to-address directions from coast-to-coast. It is the perfect GPS solution for new T2 owners and existing Tungsten T, C, W or Zire 71 users alike. The system allows users to choose a contact name from the Palm Address Book for use as a start or end location and Mapopolis GeoMark functionality retains recently used location for easy re-use or re-positioning of the map.