GPS mapping of schools in Ecuador

GPS mapping of schools in Ecuador


Ecuador: The Ministry of Education, Ecuador, implemented a programme of geo-referencing to locate the exact location of every school. The coordinates will be mapped with GPS and the Ministry of Education will process this information with ArcGIS 9.3. The amount of the contract is USD 350,000, including VAT, and the collection of data will be in charge of the Geoplades-Adama consortium.

Carina Vance Mafla, adviser to the ministerial office, explained that the main objective is to optimally manage resources. “The need for geo-referencing of the educational institutions was identified in 2009. It was found that there was an error in the location or coordinates consisted of many educational establishments,” said Vance.  

“Approximately 16,000 educational facilities are inappropriately located, that is, 50% of all schools in the country. Knowing the exact location of each establishment, it may more accurately identify the need of reorganisation of the courses offered and ensure compliance with the objectives of the new management model,” added Vance.

She also said that in this model, included in the proposed General Education Law, is already known in the National Assembly, and described as the formation of educational tracks (parents, students, teachers and sectional authorities).

According to Vance Carina, the Ministry will update the location information of new educational establishments periodically. In this regard, members of the teachers suggest some measures.

Source: The Telegraph