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GPS Internet vehicle tracking technology

Direct-Track has publicly offered, GPS/Internet tracking solutions for all cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles in US. Deregulation by FCC of telecommunications services has made GPS/cellular technology available to the public that can deliver an affordable tracking product that can be acquired with light disposable income.

Direct-Track Mobile Locating Unit (MLU) uses existing cellular airwaves and takes advantage of the GPS created by the U.S. government to track cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Direct-Track utilizes a constellation of 28 geo-synchronous satellites providing precise navigation and position information to the GPS reciever. This perfect marriage of technologies enables system users to track and contact vehicles at any time of the day or night via any standard web browser. In the event a car is stolen, an email and/or a cell phone call can be issued immediately, and the unit owner can disable the vehicle starter and lock the doors.