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GPS Intelligence launches CDMA PRO fleet tracker

Arizona, US: GPS Intelligence, a leading provider of GPS tracking systems for commercial and government applications, released the all new CDMA PRO, a GPS-based fleet tracking device that provides superior tracking capabilities for fleet tracking and mobile workforce management. Operating on the Verizon cellular network, the CDMA PRO provides consistent, highly accurate location data for vehicle tracking.

The CDMA PRO offers fleet managers a cost-effective system to improve dispatching and overall fleet efficiency. By providing a view of vehicle location, speed, heading, stop data, and more, fleet managers can adjust routing to minimise response times, increase fuel economy and overall productivity. Fleet tracking also provides a reliable solution for mobile workforce management by improving driver accountability through eliminating unauthorised stops, inefficient routes, speeding and excessive idling.

“Our current Fleet tracking solutions have enabled clients to improve efficiency and reduce overall transportation costs in a variety of industries,” said Commercial Sales Manager, Kirk Waltz. “We’ve added the CDMA PRO to our growing line of professional fleet tracking devices to expand our GPS tracking solutions with more features for users.”

Security features included in the CDMA PRO include 3D motion detection, a tamper alert system, ignition on alert, and geo-fence boundary crossing alerts – all working together to improve security and safety for drivers and assets. Five available inputs and outputs allow for customisation of triggered events like remote door lock/unlock, ignition start/stop and SMS/email notification alerts.

Source: PR Web