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GPS installed Radio taxis to ply in Delhi

There will be more radio taxis on the city’s roads. The Delhi government hopes these taxis will provide a reliable and safer alternative to the yellow and black cabs.

The government has decided to promote these taxis and open the trade to big fleet owners. Air-conditioned cars, irrespective of the model, can ply as radio taxis. These taxis will have all-India permits and would not have to pay extra to operate in NCR areas.

The number of companies running radio taxis will not be restricted to the present three — 1920, 1923 and 1929. “We are inviting bids from more companies to ensure competition and better service,” said Transport Minister Haroon Yusuf.

Transport Commissioner Rajiv Talwar said individuals would not be given permits for radio taxis. Only bulk permits to companies would be issued. Each radio taxi driver will have to be verified by the police and all vehicles will be interconnected.

“We may also suggest that some vehicles be installed with Global Positioning Systems for monitoring movement,” an official said.