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GPS India launches GPSMAP 276C for the Indian market

GPS India has announced the launch of GPSMAP 276C, a GPS based automobile navigation device for the Indian market. This portable device works both over land and high seas, enabling the user to accurately reach his destination, even in places where there are no visible landmarks, such as over a desert or in the mountains. Internationally such devices are used by transport services (land or sea), trucking companies, as well as individuals, especially in interstate traveling and adventure sports. According to the press release, the GPSMAP 276C is a versatile all-in-one color chart plotter and automobile navigator. It guides the traveler in real time enabling them to reach their destination by displaying the user’s position on a scale map and mapping his progress along the route.

The device can also be used in city surroundings (buses, taxis, even private vehicles) and is especially useful for tourists and people visiting unfamiliar places. All the user has to do is to select his destination on the GPSMAP 276C, and the map on the screen will guide the user to his destination. The GPSMAP 276C’s Autoroute base map features interstate and major highways to the driver due to which the driver can never lose track and reach any destination the he wants to reach. Its data fields contain information such as the speed and course. This portable GPS navigator features a 256-color TFT display that’s easy to read in bright sun so that the user can reach the destination without any hitch.