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GPS for efficient logistics

The National Transport Commission (NTC) in Australia has called on the logistics industry to work cooperatively with Australian state and federal governments in formulating national standards for the implementation of in-vehicle telematics.

The technology, which helps to electronically monitor manage vehicle fleets, drivers and their loads, has already seen a wide up-take in some of the industry’s larger players like Woolworths. However, smaller players are continuing to analyse whether the high cost of implementing such technologies provide cost benefits.

A discussion paper released by NTC states that better cooperation between government and industry would help to “support better safety, productivity and environmental outcomes”. The call also comes in light of worries that continued increases in logistics operators and the increasing size of truck fleets will have an averse affect on congestion, costs as well as air and noise pollution.

The NTC’s senior management of safety, Jeff Potter, said that the Federal Government policy body wasn’t looking to mandate its use or constrain innovation, but rather to avoid inconsistent implementations across Australia.

Source: NetworkWorld