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GPS for automobile booms in China

In recent years, many cities in China like Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Chengdu etc. did R&D on GPS for automobile, and launched several products, which were all immature.

Currently, the popular automobile navigation products in international market are the car GPS. Many imported cars are equipped with this system, but due to the high price of car GPS, they were unacceptable to Chinese buyers. Not only this, the navigation map for this system is the internationally popular vectorgraph, which too was not suitable for Chinese buyers.

The legality and affectivity of electronic map is the important bottleneck in the development of GPS in the field of civil navigation.

Tianjia has developed successfully a electronic map, which could be easily upgraded by downloading the latest version of maps in www.map-gps.com.cn.

The new electronic map can be used on a portable computer or stored in one CD. This new system will supposedly be affordable by many Chinese.