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GPS Carrier Board from parvus offers low cost GPS packaging solution for PC/104 computer systems

parvus Corporation has announced the release of its GPS Interface module for PC/104-based embedded computer systems.

Designed as an inexpensive carrier board for a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver (sold separately), the module allows a GPS receiver (i.e. Trimble ACE, Lassen SK II, Motorola Oncore) to be mounted on the small, rugged PC/104 form factor (3.550″ x 3.775″).

It features dual CMOS-compatible TTL serial ports (Com1, Com 2), two external battery backup connections, lower power consumption, and dual signal connectors. For systems development projects not using the PC/104 bus, the parvus GPS interface can be configured, by changing jumper settings, to bypass the PC/104 bus and use a standard serial port to communicate with the GPS board.

The board is suited for a wide variety of military, aviation, and commercial embedded applications from vehicle navigation, security, or location systems (i.e. in fleet management) to mobile applications that require navigation and data collection functionality.


  • Dual Serial I/Os converted to RS-232 line drivers
  • PC/104 AT bus
  • Dual external power connectors
  • Two signal connectors
  • 0ºC to +70ºC operating range
  • PC/104 form factor
  • 3.550″ x 3.775″ dimensions
  • 5V voltage operation