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GPS brings real time tracking to Australian logistics

Allied Express has announced it will become the first major player in the $18 billion transport and logistics industry in Australia to provide customers with a revolutionary delivery management system that will give them the ability to track consignments using satellite technology.

The company has combined Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology with in-vehicle mobile data terminals and data entry keyboards – a world-first in the transport and logistics industry.

Allied Express has commenced a phased-roll out of the new delivery management technology by fitting all of its vehicles in Sydney and Melbourne with the new system with Brisbane to follow shortly. Eventually all of the 1,000-strong fleet of Allied Express vehicles will be covered.

The GPS technology is so sophisticated that it can provide accurate vehicle location fixes – and information about the location and status of any consignment – via satellite every few seconds.

In order to minimise traffic on transmission channels that link vehicles to Allied Express’ central monitoring system, initially it will monitor vehicle positions – and therefore the exact location of any consignment – every two kilometres. Information about a vehicle’s precise location will be instantly transmitted to Allied Express’ base operations and immediately captured on digital street maps.

By using the new mobile data terminals and keyboards, Allied Express’ drivers will be able to update the company’s central computer system with the status of each consignment. Once the consignment has been delivered, the driver can transmit this information – and name of the person who actually received the consignment – all within seconds of the delivery being completed.

Because this information is immediately transmitted to the company’s central system, this gives Allied Express a major edge over its major competitors who, even though they have track and trace technology, have to wait until their drivers return to base before they can download such information.

It also gives Allied Express customers an edge over their competitors too because they have access to real-time information on the status of their consignments including real-time proof of delivery details.

The new satellite-linked system will streamline courier/transport services and it will provide more timely and accurate information about consignments.